14 minutes | Aug 5th 2019

Critical Cloud Conversations: Imposter Syndrome, the Cloud Mindset, and Why Empowering Failure Is Vital to Success

The term cloud can be a nebulous one. Cloud is a broad concept that can involve public, private, hybrid, colocation,multiple platforms, and multiple models. Any conversation around cloud should really be a conversation that incorporates the business, security, data, labor and resource components of your impending journey. When it comes to cloud strategy, the list of considerations is long.  Successbegin with a shift in mindset, a shift in culture, and a team of empowered humans ready to unlock the full business value of cloud. In this episode, hear Alan Grantham talk more about these critical considerations: Why cloud-first can be a challenge How “faking it until they are making it” leads to a bigger realization The importance of failure, and why it should be rewarded  
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