22 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

BONUS: In Conversation with Hannah Smith of The Opportunist

Surprise! We have a fun bonus mini crossover episode for you today! We chatted with Hannah Smith of The Opportunist podcast, one of our favorites for mystery and intrigue. Tune in as Hannah shares with us a very strong candidate for our infamous phrase "pillar to killer" aka Robert Courtney, a pharmacist who scammed millions by diluting chemotherapy medications. He's also the focus of The Opportunist, season two! Our conclusion: stay a pillar and stop murdering people with cancer... and that's why we drink! Check out the new season of The Opportunist for the full, in-depth story of Robert Courtney. And be sure to check out the second part of this crossover HERE on The Opportunist feed, where we share our own take on stories of opportunists with Hannah!
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