56 minutes | Nov 6th 2018

80 | Kim Woodard Osterholzer: Birth, Dudes

Two things are given in human experience. Birth and death. Our culture doesn’t spend much time thinking about either one. And neither, to be honest, do we. Not until we have to. Which is a problem. If there were two events framing every human life you’d think we’d spend the necessary time to understand them. In this episode, we roped in midwife/writer Kim Osterholzer to map out the territory. This isn’t health class. There’s no test at the end. In this episode, we ask more about the nature and meaning of birth than the way its done, the things people should know about it, and why it matters. It’s a revelatory talk. As men, it’s vital that we make ourselves students of the feminine soul. Birth is, after all, God’s plan for populating eternity with his image. It’s a space that reveals the power of the feminine soul to create the future, in relationship, and it turns out men have a role. Wild stuff.
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