107 minutes | Feb 15th 2021

35. Liquid, Light, and Love with Drew Canole

Today I’m joined by Drew Canole, a man so connected to Mother Earth’s forces that he has dedicated his life to bringing people back to the natural world through what they consume. Drew is an example of how high-vibrational thinking, eating, and drinking can amplify every aspect of our material and emotional self. What I love about him is that he articulates from the place of a true creator, having weaponized his past trauma to birth the exact life he wanted to manifest. He’s a reminder to us all that the power to change our lives comes from nourishing what he calls the ‘eternal nowness.’Head to organifi.com to start nourishing your meat-suit, and use the code SHAMAN at checkout for 20% off your entire order. Resources: Website: www.organifi.com Instagram: @drewcanole Facebook: www.facebook.com/drew.canole Poem by @lizzshaktilarouge Share your gifts with me: info@shamandurek.com  Advertisers + Sponsors: Shaman School: www.theshamanschool.com Lit Verified Store: www.shamandurek.com/store Healing Temple: www.shamandurek.com/healing-temple Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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