59 minutes | May 11th 2020

Ep. 162: Jay Johnson On A Passion For The Outdoors

Jay Johnson has a mission of instilling a passion for the outdoors in others. You may have seen Jay Johnson on the Trout Bums diaries, Geo Bass, or most recently, the Fisher Guy series on Animal Planet. Jay had a challenging background that molded him into the multifaceted person that he is today. In this episode of Anchored, you’ll hear about Jay’s early life, how he got into fishing, and why he thinks it’s so important to foster a love of the outdoors in others. You won’t want to miss a minute of Jay’s story so grab your headphones and press play now.  This episode is brought to you by Cross Current Insurance Company. Outline of This Episode [3:15] Jay had a heavy childhood [7:00] When did he start fishing [14:22] Jay studied string bass in college on a scholarship [17:25] How did he get started fly fishing? [25:12] He got out of the music business [27:44] When did he get into the business of fly fishing [36:25] What is Pig Farm Ink all about? [41:08] How did he get into film [50:24] He’s a farmer too [55:56] He just wants to spread his message
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