52 minutes | Apr 22nd 2020

Ep. 161: Talking Taxidermy with Jenna McRae

Jenna McRae is somewhat new to taxidermy, but she is full of passion, knowledge and talent. Although she has only been practicing for a year and a half, she has a natural ability for the craft and her artistic talent shows in her work. In this episode of Anchored I find the answers to all of my questions, including how to choose a taxidermist, if there any animals Jenna won’t work with, and how to field dress a deer if you want to mount it?

Outline of This Episode

  • [7:45] How did she get into taxidermy? 
  • [14:44] Working at home is her dream
  • [16:16] How do I field dress a deer if I want it mounted?
  • [22:55] Why would a taxidermist want a hide from an animal they aren’t working with?
  • [28:18] Does she have any boundaries as to what she will mount?
  • [32:30] What is the hardest part of doing a bird?
  • [33:34] What should people look for when choosing a taxidermist?
  • [38:35] Does taxidermy cause people to hunt more mature, impressive animals?
  • [40:03] How to get an animal to her from another country?
  • [41:40] What is the coolest thing about working on these animals?
  • [45:14} What is a Euro mount?

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