66 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

Anchored Podcast Ep. 171: Woniya Thibeault on Tanning Hides and the "Alone" TV Show

Woniya Thibeault has spent her life studying ancestral skills. As the owner of Buckskin Revolution, she teaches classes and workshops, sharing her belief in the coexistence of humans and nature. In this episode of Anchored, Woniya and I discuss the desire to live off-grid, tanning deer hides and her remarkable experience on the popular tv show, Alone. Outline of This Episode [3:15] Woniya has spent a lot of time learning ancestral skills [7:45] A skills gathering opened her mind [14:34] Why she chose to participate in the Alone show [26:56] How she survived so long alone in the Arctic [34:29] How did she stay warm and sheltered during her time in the Arctic? [43:25] Community was a huge part of our ancestors’ lives [44:20] What do people not know about sewing buckskin? [51:02] How does Woniya feel aobut cultural appropriation? [57:22] Wearing buckskin is much different than wearing cloth This episode is brought to you by Brownells!
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