71 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

Anchored Podcast Ep. 169: Yarrow Willard on Wild Mushrooms, Foraging and More

Yarrow Willard is an herbalist and philosopher who lives in British Columbia, Canada. Yarrow was born into a family of foragers who have changed thousands of people’s lives over the years. I was excited to sit down with him to pick his brain about mushrooms, wild foraging, pollens and more. Even if you’ve never foraged a day in your life, you're sure to walk away from this episode looking at the outdoors a little differently. Find his YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHarmonicArts Outline of This Episode [4:55] Yarrow is the son of an herbalist born in Calgary, Alberta [12:10] How do you ensure that a small child won’t eat a plant they shouldn’t when foraging? [18:04] Learn 10 herbs a year [22:24] Does Yarrow mainly forage for medicine or food? [32:12] How to harvest the inner bark of a tree [39:08] 5 easy starter plants to learn [58:24] What’s the deal with lichens? Find us at www.AnchoredOutdoors.com
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