88 minutes | Jul 22nd 2020

Anchored Podcast Ep. 167: Chad Brown On Battling PTSD With Fly Fishing

Chad Brown is a decorated US Navy veteran who struggles with PTSD. A failed suicide attempt eventually led Chad to found a non-profit organization called Soul River Inc. Soul River brings together at-risk youth and veterans who act as mentors. Together they visit threatened wild spaces and embark on mission-driven experiences based around advocacy and outdoor education. In this episode of Anchored, Chad and I discuss his remarkable story, the realities of PTSD, and what it’s like to be a black man in fly fishing. Team up with Soul River here. You can donate to Soul River here. Outline of This Episode [3:15] Fishing came later in his life [8:22] Fish more was his new prescription [17:33] Joining the military was the beginning of the roller coaster ride [19:54] Chad describes PTSD [26:45] PTSD looked different in each different war era [36:57] He didn’t even know what fly fishing was [42:07] How did Soul River start? [49:47] How does a troubled youth find Soul River? [1:00:22] How can people help? [1:03:44] Should we see colour? [1:13:19] How to get involved without tokenizing the situation? [1:20:25] What is the best way to connect on the river? [1:25:27] A challenge for the listener
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