69 minutes | Jan 5th 2021

The Modern Myth of the Brutish Museums with Prof. Dan Hicks - Episode 17 - Modern Myth

This epsode of Modern Myth is all about repatriation, restitituion and the return of artefacts. The Brutish Museums is a new book from Professor Dan Hicks, of the University of Oxford and Curator of World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum.In this episode we discuss the items that are currently in museums that were obtained during colonial times, under duress or through direct violence. In particular Professor Hicks has been working with the Benin Dialogue Group in order to have the Benin Bronzes returned to Nigeria. We also discuss what is meant by restitution rather than repatriation and its effect on more dialogue.You can buy The Brutish Museums from Pluto Press - https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745341767/the-brutish-museums/ or from your local bookstoreYou can follow Dan on Twitter or visit his website
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