53 minutes | Feb 21st 2021

The Modern Myth of Stirling Heritage with Dr Murray Cook - Episode 18 - Modern Myth

Today's episode we talk to Dr Murray Cook about his new book The Anvil of Scottish History: Stories of Stirling. We discuss what makes Stirling a place of deep history and how often this is overlooked.We also discuss excavations during covid and the benefits of being outdoors.You can find his book from where you purchase books or following this link https://www.extremispublishing.com/the-anvil-of-scottish-history.htmlDr. Murray Cook also runs Rampart Field School http://www.rampartscotland.co.uk/Stirling University Profile - https://www.stir.ac.uk/about/faculties/arts-humanities/our-research/centre-for-environment-heritageand-policy/people/honorary-and-associate-members/dr-murray-cook---hon-research-fellow/PLease also forgive the intrusions from my puppy.
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