70 minutes | Mar 25th 2020

The Modern Myth of Step Back History (Featuring Tristan Johnson) -Modern Myth - Episode 9

Its time for Tristan Vs Tristan! In this classic re-telling of the movie Face Off, Tristan Boyle and Tristan Johnson go head to head to find out who the real Tristan is,. Only kidding, Tristan Johnson is the content creator behidn the Youtube channel StepBack History, which seeks to talk about history in a meaningful way. During this episode Tristan J outlines the reasons why he started the youtube channel and what he aims to achieve; how we reach out to certain audiences, especially those susceptible to alt-right indoctrination and sympathetic to right wing memes. We also cover how history is changed by who tells it and even talk about the End and now restart of History.Check out StepBack History on YoutubeFollow Tristan J on Twitter
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