99 minutes | Feb 28th 2020

The Modern Myth of Foreign Policy with Dylan Burns - Modern Myth - Episode 8

This is a very special episode of Modern Myth. We are talking all about foreign policy, what it is, how it affects our lives and why it is important that we are open about it. In this episode I talk to the youngest foreign policy advisor in the United States of America, Dylan Burns about foreign policy and its connection to heritage and history. We discuss modern conflicts and the relations between countries as well as what it means for repatriation in the future. Also at the end of the discussion because this was livestreamed with Dylan, I answered some of the questions given to me in the chat. LinksYou can watch Dylan discuss politics, articles and more over at www.twitch.tv/dylanburnsTV or follow him on TwitterDr Donna Yates work can be found at Trafficking CultureInsurgent Empire is written by Dr. Priyamvada Gopal, whom I interviewed in this episode of Modern Myth.Contact Tristan tristan@archaeologypodcastnetwork.com
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