50 minutes | Jul 30th 2019

Genetics, Archaeology & The Far Right with Dr. Susanne Hakenbeck - Episode 4 - Modern Myth

This episode is about the Modern Myth of genetics, race and archaeology that permeates through far right online spaces. Discussions over one’s personal ancestry from DNA testing kits, the fall of Rome and modern migration into Europe. Dr. Susanne Hakenbeck is a senior lecturer in historical archaeology at the University of Cambridge and her recent paper, Genetics, archaeology and the far right: an unholy Trinity identifies the ways in which extremist online spaces foster racist ideas about the past. However it is in many ways the genetic research uses unclear terms and casually equates genetic population and ethnic groups that allow the data to be easily co-opted by the right. LinksGenetics, archaeology and the far right: an unholy TrinitySusanne Hakebeck on Twitter@anarchaeologist @archpodnetCredit Music - Modern Myth & Alone at a Bar at 3 am - Danny Boyle
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