70 minutes | Apr 29th 2019

Episode 2 : The Modern Myth of Nuclear Power with Martin Pfeiffer

Quick, Marty, we gotta save the world! From what!? From nuclear annihilation.Perhaps not so grand, but in this Modern Myth episode we get to grips with the ideas behind nuclear weapons and the boogeyman of radiation, Martin Pfeiffer is a PhD student researching nuclear anthropology and loves going into musems to #LickTheBomb, (he tells us how their casings taste) and what it means to be an activist for denuclearisation of the modern world. LinksCarol Cohn - “Sex and Death in the World of Defense Intellectuals.” Twitter:@NuclearAnthro - for cats and nuclear bombs@anarchaeologist - for your hosts malarky @ArchPodNet - for Updates and other showsBecome a member and get early access to episodes and a slack team

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