23 minutes | Jul 21st 2019

#4 Today I Learned: Perfect Patient Imperfect Doc; My Fake MRSA; Crowdsourced Dx

Some of our stories have been a bit more heart, some of ours have been a bit more soul – and in this episode we’re a bit more brain, with our theme “Today I Learned”. If you think back to your medical school admissions essay… we probably all talked “helping people” and “life long learning,” and that was before you even practiced medicine and knew what you were getting yourself into! Today we have three physicians, from still-in-training to seasoned and “been around the block” physicians, who all share their stories of “still learning. Stick around to the end, I think many of you will recognize our last featured physician! Chapter One, Perfect Patient Imperfect Doc (02:55): Jesse finds a perfect patient and then learns he’s not a perfect doctor. Story told by Jesse Handler, MD PhD, a resident in the department of medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Chapter Two, My Fake MRSA (08:57): Look, up on my leg! It’s a rash! It’s MRSA! It’s … not MRSA at all. Jonathan learns the pitfalls of self diagnosis. Story told by Jonathan Rich, DO, a primary care physician in Baltimore. Chapter Three, Crowdsourced Dx (15:50): What do you do when you find out your patient is crowdsourcing his diagnosis via social media? Kevin learns that going viral can be good medicine. Story told by Kevin Pho, MD, an internal medicine physician in New Hampshire, founder and editor of KevinMD. Episode produced by Molly Walker Hosted by Amy Ho, MD Sound engineering by Greg Laub Music by Jason Asistores, MD aka flatfives. Theme music by Palomar