36 minutes | Jul 18th 2019

#3 Grit: Hillbilly Girl; Ugly Cry; I Will Fly

Grit is a lot of things. Grit is the nastiness you discover in the corner of the room, when you move out of your med school apartment after 4 years of lots of studying and no deep cleaning… Grit is what you and your trauma patient are covered in when a crazy country circus clown decides it’s a good idea to ride a horse, drunk, and shoot off home-made fireworks on July 4th. Grit is what you do to your jaw when it’s…just one of those days…you all know the ones. And grit is what you develop, what you train, what you grow, what you hone – as you get deeper and deeper on this crazy path we call Medicine. And of course, grit is our theme for this episode. So, let’s jump right into this episode: Chapter One, Hillbilly Girl: Growing up in the boondocks, Carrie broke up gang knife fights and always felt like an outsider, but that’s exactly what translated into her work as an academic nurse today. Story told by Carrie Sun, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, associate research scientist at Columbia School of Nursing. Chapter Two, Ugly Cry: After she landed her dream gig, Starla found herself in a puddle of tears after work one day and began walking towards a new calling. Story told by Starla Fitch, MD, an ophthalmologist, speaker, and personal coach. Chapter Three, I Will Fly: Diana learned from a young age to dream big, make a plan, and make it happen — even when her own dad said she couldn’t. Story told by Diana Bitner, MD, director of Women’s Health Network at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Episode produced by Elizabeth Hlavinka Hosted by Amy Ho, MD Sound engineering by Greg Laub Music by Jason Asistores, MD, Theme music by Palomar