41 minutes | Aug 7th 2020

#12 Infectious: How COVID Killed My Colleague-Patient; Attacked by Anti-Vaxxers; I Was Right

You're joining us on Anamnesis, a podcast about medicine ... but the things about medicine that aren't drugs and protocols and studies, the things about medicine that are hard to articulate, that make us come back for more, that keep us engaged in this crazy, mixed-up world we get to participate in, called "caring." Caring for patients, caring for the health of our nation, and caring about our fellow man/woman in healthcare. Care has been more important than ever with everything going on. On Anamnesis, we strive to give you relief, context, and insight into our field, which is more important now than ever. Our theme is super appropriate, as are our guests in this episode titled "Infectious." Chapter One, How COVID Killed My Colleague-Patient : (2:08): He was watching soccer, then days later he was dead. Story by Suraj Saggar, DO. Chapter Two, I Was Right : (12:10): How one doctor learned the importance of an infectious message for advocacy. Story by Brita Lundberg, MD. Chapter Three, Attacked by Anti-Vaxxers : (27:25): What happens when information goes viral ... the wrong way. Story by Todd Wolynn, MD. Episode produced by Amanda D'Ambrosio Hosted by Amy Ho, MD Audio mixing/engineering by Greg Laub