49 minutes | Sep 21, 2020

57 - Elevate: Unlock Your Success with Robert Glazer

In this show, we had the privilege to interview the best selling author of multiple books Robert Glazer. Bob, as he likes to call himself is a fascitinating leader, author and inspirational speaker who has touched multiple lives. In my view, this is one of the best shows we have even done if not the best. It's filled with gold nuggets for professionals from all walks of life. Here is what's included: How Bob went from being an analyst to a best selling author and CEO/founder of Acceleration partner? The secret to converting your passion into a book. The exact steps you can take to be successful when you are just getting started or if you are stuck. How a book can serve as a promotion tool and how to write one in less than 6 months? The most impactful way to overcome challenges presented by Covid19. A proven formula to improve how you do everything. Hint: Bob shares his life changing phrase. 3 ideas to elevate your spiritual, physical and emotional well being. Don't miss this show and share your feedback at www.analyticstodaypodcast.com
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