88 minutes | Mar 13, 2020

EPISODE 2: Catch Up With Old Friends

Tom catch's up with actor Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones, Derry Girls) and playwright Marie Jones (A Night In November, Stones In His Pockets) to talk about his ten year journey with illegal and legal plant based and natural medicines that cured his depression and helped him turn his life around.Email us at anawakening@protonmail.com if you would like to appear on the show or have topics for us to discuss in future episodes. #anawakeningNIUseful LinksViva Kambo NIGiovanni Lattanzi and KamboIan McElhinney's Twitter page Sting talks about AyahuascaAyahuasca DocumentaryDMT: The Spirit MoleculeAmanita Muscaria
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