38 minutes | Apr 25, 2019

Alien - Birth of a Hollywood Blockbuster

00:13 – Harry introduces his new podcast, An Alien in Hollywood 02:11 – Robin describes Ron Shusett 05:04 – How Harry met Robin 07:24 – Robin breaks down the format of the first few episodes of this podcast 09:01 – The genesis of the movie Alien 14:47 – The progress Dan O’Bannon made on the first act of Alien 15:46 – How Ron came up with the solution of how the alien gets on board 17:03 – How Dan met H.R. Giger, the man who eventually worked on the design work for Alien 20:15 – Ron tells the story of how Roger Corman came aboard for Alien 25:36 – How Gordon Carroll, David Giler and Walter Hill influenced the production of Alien 27:27 – The story of how Ridley Scott came on as the director of Alien 29:42 – Ron recounts moments of discouragement he felt while trying to get this movie made 31:22 – Ridley Scott’s vision for Alien 33:18 – Why the Giler/Hill draft of the Alien script didn’t work 37:27 – The vindication Ron and Dan felt when Ridley sided with their script Music by Vincent Covello and Vic Migenes Artwork by Barbara MastejListen to the full series at analieninhollywood.com Listen to Harry as the host of Podcast Junkies Read Robin's books on RobinMaxwell.com Podcast production and marketing by FullCast Website and Podcast Hosting by SImpleCast
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