22 minutes | Jun 1, 2020

Episode #134 - How to Improve Your Employee Advocacy Program

Whether you’re interested in starting an employee advocacy program or you already have one in place, you definitely want to make sure it reaches its potential.  In this episode of AMP Up Your Digital Marketing, Glenn Gaudet speaks with Andrew Stewart, head of customer success at GaggleAMP. Stewart is running a virtual training session called AMPlify Virtual, where he trains marketers to run their employee advocacy programs the right way. In this discussion, he explains how organizations can make the most of their employee advocacy programs, what mistakes some marketers make, where they should focus instead, and more. You’ll learn: Why you should focus your program on organic engagement. How to get your employees active. What you’ll get out of AMPlify Virtual. Employee advocacy is a huge way to get your social media presence off the ground, increase your social media reach, drive engagement, traffic to your website, and boost your leads. The trouble is many organizations approach it the wrong way. They focus on sharing content, retweeting the same message, and years ago it was about having 200 employees share the same tweet.    That’s not how to approach your employee advocacy program, Stewart said.    “What works on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter this year will look much different next year,” he said. “The best employee advocacy programs are the ones adjusting with that.” 
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