39 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Episode 226: Leverage the Most Popular Online Platform to Make GOOD Money With Ann Sieg

If you lost all of your potential clients overnight, would you have a way to make money? Ann and her husband found themselves in this situation. Due to a change in the law, Ann Sieg’s auto glass company sales dropped from $90k per month to $2k per month. Ann doubled down on her side-hustle and decided to make Amazon retail her new focus. Thirteen years later Ann now teaches others how to build a retail empire on Amazon. Listen in on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 226 as Ann reveals how to tap into the mega buyers on this popular platform and make good money. Be sure to join the conversation in the Amplify Your Authority Group.   Key Takeaways What an e-commerce business is. How Ann and her husband got started in their Amazon business. Understanding the e-commerce marketing continuum and its use in amplifying profits. The three pillars of e-commerce success - cash flow, systems and team - and how these three pillars make an Amazon business successful. How Ann uses a simple system to transform Amazon into an automated cash machine for her clients.   About The Guest Ann Sieg is the author of three widely acclaimed books on how to attract customers online and generated over 4.2 million in sales from her first e-book over 13 years ago. This all as a result of Ann and her husband losing their auto glass business almost overnight due to a new state law. Ann took her little “side-hustle” business and doubled-down…taking her sales from 2K per month to 90K per month in three months’ time. It was more than enough to bring her husband home. She went on to build an online empire… network marketing, info marketing, affiliate marketing, creating and selling her own products… Ann did it all… to the tune of $20 million+ in sales. Ann’s training has impacted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to achieve online success all while working from home. But nothing has matched the rapid success of her e-commerce students. It’s not uncommon for them to see cash flow in the first few days or weeks of starting their businesses. And others have achieved 6, 7, and even 8 figure incomes – many through her free training alone. Ann is passionate to help 1000 people make $10,000 a month and build their own family economy working from home.   Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Get Ann’s Free Resource: 5 Steps to Amazon Retail Arbitrage Your Revenue Rush Toolkit  
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