34 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

Episode 223: Entrepreneurial Biohacks for Business Success With Angela Foster

Tune in to any social media platform and you will immediately be inundated with memes like, “Hustle Harder” and “You Can Sleep When You Are Dead.” This advice is counter to everything that Angela Foster stands for. Having left her legal career due to health problems from pervasive stress, Angela set out to discover how to heal and fuel her body for long-term success. Along the way, she became an expert in sleep quality, exercise and nutrition hacks that help entrepreneurs make better decisions and increase success. Listen in to Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 223 as Angela and I discuss how to get better sleep, and simple shifts in your daily routine that can give you the clarity and focus needed to achieve your next big goal. Be sure to join the conversation in the Amplify Your Authority Group.   Key Takeaways How sleep affects entrepreneurs' abilities to lead their business successfully. A biohack that helps you get more sleep in less time. What emotional resilience and why attaining this mental state can help you take your business to the next level. Angela reveals what she discovered during her law career around stress and the impact it has on your long-term health. How exercise and nutrition impact the quality of decision making. Angela’s suggested “entrepreneurial diet” that boosts productivity.   About The Guest Angela Foster left the world of corporate law to become one of UK’s leading female biohackers, health and performance coach to athletes and executives. Angela uses a combination of modern science such as DNA analysis with time-honored holistic practices to transform her clients’ health, energy, and performance. Host of The High Performance Health Podcast, Angela never stops researching, experimenting, and sharing her findings at My DNA Edge.   Get Angela’s FREE Resource:   A 4 part video series to optimize the expression of your DNA  
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