21 minutes | Feb 1, 2021

Episode 216: 5 Limiting Beliefs Experts Have that Keep Them Feeling Invisible

As an expert-preneur, the quality of our success often depends on how bold we are willing to be (despite limiting beliefs), what actions we take, and what we do to educate our audience on how we solve their most costly problems. Ultimately, making money from our superpowers often boils down to how consistently visible we are. But if the business owner is plagued with doubts, fears and conflict about being more visible and growing the reach of their work in the world, then self-sabotage and procrastination take over. The root of blocks like this lies in limiting beliefs. Listen in on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 216 as I cover the five common disempowering beliefs that are commonly plaguing the daily thoughts of emerging experts (and even some influential business owners) that keep them playing small. Join in the conversation in the Amplify Your Authority Facebook Group! Key Takeaways Why comparing yourself to others can lead to limiting beliefs like Imposter Syndrome What Tall Poppy Syndrome is and how it can derail even the boldest business owner The truth about a crowded market when it comes to your fastest path to success Four “I don’t know how” statements that are keeping you stuck What’s really happening when your potential client says “I can’t afford you”
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