46 minutes | Jun 17th 2020

Episode 25: Matthew C. Winner

Telling the stories that need to be told, and celebrating the stories you build with others.  Matthew C. Winner is a celebrated teacher librarian and host of two podcasts.  His enthusiasm for reading, his caring nature towards authors and illustrators, make his podcasts a must listen.  Getting to talk with him about libraries, student engagement, and how books can help was a true joy, and joy is what we want all to express and share. Follow Matthew on Twitter @MatthewWinner Subscribe to his podcasts where ever you listen to podcasts The Children's Book Podcast and Kidlit These Days.   You can follow us on Twitter @amongstthebooks_podcast on Instagram @amongstthebookspodcast or on YouTube Amongst The Books Podcast.  Our theme music was written, recorded and produced by Jake Thistle.  Rate and review us where ever you listen to podcasts, and email us at amongstthebookspodcast@gmail.com
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