57 minutes | Aug 10, 2021

30. Allowing Moms To Stress Less In Life and Motherhood, with Tina Unrue

Ever leave a conversation with someone and you feel like you just got a free therapy session and were able to unpack/unload so many things?? Well, that is what happened with today's guest, Tina Unrue. Tina is a certified life and mindset coach and the founder of Selfish Mama, which helps moms stress less in life and motherhood by focusing more on themselves w/o the guilt. Tina talks about her desire to spend more time with her daughter while she was working her government job years ago. She was torn between going back to school and becoming a life coach -- I loved the way she broke down the back and forth, telling me that going with her gut wasn't easy, but she knew she had to do it! She explains what life coaching is (something even she hadn't heard about until she was being pushed into a different life trajectory). Tina drops some knowledge when talking about how you can't just project manage your life and sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture, even when you are plugged down in the day to day madness. We finish with her talking about purpose and how to find yours! I legit didn't even get to half the business questions I had planning to talk with Tina about because we connected so much on all the topics and truth bombs she was giving me. Make sure to visit Tina's Instagram, Facebook and site to learn more about her, find out about working with her and gain SO MUCH MORE!
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