43 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

23. Personalizing Physical Therapy For Pre and Post Natal Women, with Dr. Abby Bales

I am SO excited for our first medical professional to join us on the podcast! You may wonder how someone in the medical field, with years of schooling was able to change up her career path with tiny human in tow -- and don't you worry, I got ALL the details from our guest! Abby Bales is the founder of Reform PT, a private concierge service designed to help women remain active before, during, and after pregnancy.

Abby dives into her introduction to physical therapy, where she was working at an outpatient facility and saw upwards of 70 patients a week!! She quickly realized it was unsustainable for her and her family, but recognized it was helping her gain the knowledge she needed to start something on her own. She then tells me how she came to specialize on the pelvic floor and her love for helping her pregnant and post partum mamas! Abby then tells me ALL about the women in her circle that helped support her emotionally and professionally, which was amazing to hear! She finishes by telling me how she uses what she has learned from OBGYNs, athletes and her students to create a 3D view of her clients.

Dr. Abby was such an insightful guest and overall human! Even if you are not pre or post natal, there is SO much to learn about curating your brand, continuing to learn and develop to help her clients and find the time to be Mom through it all. Make sure to check out their site, Instagram (her preferred method to chat!) and Facebook.

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