34 minutes | Jan 7th 2021

The State of the Opioid Crisis with Dr. John Rosa | Ep. 102

Dr. John Rosa is, among the MANY positions that he holds, a surrogate with the White House Opioid Task Force, but first and foremost he's a chiropractor.

Dr. Rosa is a friend of AMI and he is working hard to fight against the opioid crisis in America and fix the broken healthcare system in the United States.

01:14 Catching up with Dr. John Rosa 04:32 The state of the opioid crisis 10:54 Susceptibility 21:15 Prescribing through telehealth 27:27 The Death of American Healthcare

Learn more about Overdose Free America: https://overdosefreeamerica.org

Purchase a copy of The Death of American Healthcare: https://bit.ly/3s3FGjm

Want to find out more about Medical Integration? Start here: https://youtu.be/351fEyN8Fbg

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