28 minutes | Oct 29th 2020

Signature Biologics | Ep. 95

We are happy to welcome Dan Wagner from Signature Biologics to this episode of AMI Today. Dan is the VP of sales for Signature and he has a wealth of knowledge about the company and what they're working on, what's coming in the near future (including an exclusive announcement), and the latest data available.

00:53 Teaming up with Signature Biologics 02:24 New developments and breakthroughs 12:28 Preserving tissue products 19:07 Brand new facility 22:51 Signature Biologics, the premiere regenerative medicine company in the world

Want to find out more about Medical Integration? Start here: https://youtu.be/351fEyN8Fbg

Learn more about Signature Biologics: https://www.signaturebiologics.com/

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