31 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

Measuring Range of Motion with JTECH | Ep. 103

Range of motion is the gold standard for physical medicine and keeping track of the patient's progress is critical. Simply put, if it's not improving, the patient is not getting better.

AMI found JTECH while searching for an objective way to measure progress and success. Erik Groberg is the director of sales for JTech and he and Dr. Carberry have a great discussion about why we work with them exclusively!

00:22 Meet Erik 02:50 Why AMI works with JTECH 08:34 Reporting, compliance, and the financial benefit 15:09 Showing improvement objectively 23:30 Clinical trials and research using JTECH

Learn more about JTech: https://www.jtechmedical.com/

Want to find out more about Medical Integration? Start here: https://youtu.be/351fEyN8Fbg

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