37 minutes | Dec 9th 2020

Advanced Medical Integration | Ep. 100

Advanced Medical Integration co-founders Dr. Mike Carberry and Coleen Carberry are joined by the newest partner of AMI, and the CEO of Cardone Ventures, Brandon Dawson. Brandon has led the integration between the two companies, leading to the exciting addition of our new Strategic Business Unit!

Find out a bit about where we've come from, what our year has been like, and what the future holds for AMI and our clients!

00:54 AMI's story and the three rules 05:05 "That guy is with Grant!" 16:38 Harnessing combined passions 23:55 Aligning philosophically and structurally 32:52 2021 and beyond

Want to find out more about Medical Integration? Start here: https://youtu.be/351fEyN8Fbg

#chiropractic #medicalintegration #AMIdoctors

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