64 minutes | Feb 14, 2021

John Craigie | People Remember the Stories

John Craigie began his career like many artists of the early 2000’s- playing in coffee shops up and down the coast of California with the occasional intrastate appearances in other coffee shops. during this time, Craigie honed his craft as a songwriter but also took the time to develop a real stage experience. looking to artists he admired such as Todd snider and Arlo Guthrie- John Craigie adopted storytelling as a regular interlude in his set (a facet of performance which remains to this day). his performance has been captured in two live record “Capricorn in Retrograde, Just Kidding Live in Portland” and “Opening for Steinbeck”- two albums that we personally recommend to everyone.These stories are a touching combination of funny and insightful and really open up the barrier between the stage and the audience. John Craigie is stunningly approachable in his demeanor- a personal attribute which extends to his musical identity as well. In 2009, he released his first record “Montana Tale” which exhibited his knack for first-person oriented writing with solid rhythmical acoustic backing. Although there are consistent hallmarks of who Craigie is as a musician across his discography- he is fearless in his creativity. His 9 studio albums over the years cover everything from stomp and holler, collaborative commune to his latest 60’s-esque groove experience “Asterisk the Universe”.
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