52 minutes | Nov 8, 2019

Baptiste W. Hamon | Pour le Salut de la Chanson

Up to this point, Americana has been defined as American root-based music. What then when the roots grow deeper and expand beyond the borders of the continent? What if the sounds, cadence, and singer-songwriter qualities of Americana are there.. just not the language? Baptiste W. Hamon has been playing and writing music professionally since about 2015. Releasing his first record in 2016 and his second, "Soleil, Soleil Bleu" in April of 2019. Hamon's music is reflective of traditional American singer-songwriter style but innovative in his approach because.. well, you guessed it- he writes in French.On Americana Podcast: the 51st State, Robert Earl Keen sits down with Baptiste Hamon to discuss the influence of American songwriters, the surprises of touring non-french speaking countries, his latest record and his thoughts on being considered an "Americana artist".Americana Podcast is proudly a part of the American Songwriter Podcast Network. Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for info on new episodes and peeks behind the scenes.
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