121 minutes | Oct 21st 2014

Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

HIGH NOON ONE GOOD COP.... The bravery shown by Sgt. Randy Henry during the investigation into the death of Brandon Ellingson has been inspiring.  We look at how the actions of one good cop have provided insight into the actions of Tony Piercy... SPECIAL PROSECUTOR SILENCE For the second time in a year, a Special Prosecutor has found a reason not to file charges in two cases involving the 'good ol' boy' network in Missouri.  What began in Maryville has been revisited in Morgan County.... THE BULLY SYSTEM: STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE The Laclede County DFS office appears to endorse a bully system.  Yesterday, a DFS employee, Amy Killion, watched while a former psych patient acts out at the end of a visit.... FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES Admissions during this DFS visit from the children, speak to a threat against their lives for telling the truth.... And much, much more... Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859  
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