123 minutes | Oct 29th 2014

Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

HIGH NOON RISE OF THE AMERICAN GESTAPO From Ferguson to the Lake to Kansas City, the impacts of the transformation of police departments have left a trail of victims behind.  Is there any way to stop this trend?  We look at 'warrior cops' and their role in the New Republic... BLOOD MONEY Quotas tied to financial deals have led to a rise in arrests at the Lake of the Ozarks and across Missouri.  What does this have to do with finding #justiceforbrandonellingson? MORAL MALPRACTICE The new trend in child kidnapping through the use of medical diagnosis was brought to light in the Justina Pelletier case in Massachusetts.  This practice has now come to Missouri.  We look at the case of Jaxon, a boy with autism who has been kidnapped by the state... Call in and join the conversation. 718-664-6859
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