54 minutes | Jan 8th 2020

Life Lessons and Knee-Slapping Laughs with Travis Mills

Travis Mills may have lost both arms and both legs in Afghanistan, but one thing that IED could not take from him was the spirit with which he lives his life. In the wake of a near-death incident that robbed him of his limbs, Travis Mills has achieved more than many people do in a lifetime, let alone in a handful of years - all while struggling to rebuild his own strength and forge his own path in a body that was completely different to him.

With the love and partnership of his wife and an inner drive no bomb can touch, Travis Mills has built a foundation to guide other veterans and charged forward on an entrepreneurial path at the same time. He inspires audiences around the country and makes them laugh in the process, and on this episode of American Snippets he also shares his next big step.

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