52 minutes | Dec 6th 2018

E075: How To Turn A Grassroots Effort Into A National Non Profit With Sean Valigura

Sean Valigura admits he was in really bad shape when he left the military. It took about 15 years for the Navy veteran to begin truly healing from his unseen wounds the way he'd healed from his physical ones.

He tried to end his own life twice before he found is new path and purpose - or it found him.

Today Sean is the chairman and executive director of Operation Valor, a non-profit organization serving as a fund-raising arm for other 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to serving veterans.

What started as a small, almost accidental grassroots effort has grown into a national presence that attracts powerful support. Sean shared his lessons on establishing and building a successful 501(C)3 with us and provided helpful advice for anyone else seeking to build and grow their own non-profit.

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