48 minutes | Aug 19th 2019

Sex Research with Nicole Prause - Ep 99

Nicole Prause, Ph.D. gives us an eye-opening view into the world of a sex researcher. We learn about the latest sexuality research like brain hacking to normalize sexual desire, scientific sex product research, and the very specific laboratory definition of an orgasm that surprisingly fails to line up with what many of us experience in the bedroom. We get into the internal clitoris, vasocongestion, skene's glands, the mystery of sexual vaginal lubrication, and the most sensitive areas of the clitoral glans. Have you heard that men are more sexually visual, orgasms are different based on gender, or the more testosterone someone has the stronger their sex drive is? Dr. Prause tells us why these and other sexual “facts” aren’t true at all. This episode has so much fascinating information, it’s a sex geek’s wet dream! We also tell you about a free upcoming learning resource for existing and aspiring sexuality educators. 

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