37 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

10/15/20 - Discovering Ozark Cuisine

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan www.eastleighfarm.com begins with Agriculture news. Leas story is that this is National Farmers Week. Next, Monsanto continues its battle to keep use of Round-Up on American Farms. Chinese Killer Hornets are destroying our Honey Bees. And last, the Presidential Candidates are using every trick they can to buy Farm Votes. Then, we meet chef and owner of Bulrush restaurant in St. Louis, Rob Connoley. WWW.BulrushSTL.com Through research of family journals and letters from the early 1800s, Rob has uncovered over 200 years of history. History that includes the families of indigenous people, enslaved residents, and Euro-Appalachian immigrants that tamed the wild lands of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri (and tips of Oklahoma and Kansas). These are the people who defined what was Ozark cuisine. Bulrush is rooted in this food that sustained these hardy people for generations. Finally, Farmer Doug opines that farmers have to come to grips with practices that the global market is rejection.