31 minutes | Jan 3rd 2018

274: 24 Hours of Tweets from a Madman

Happy New Year to you! As most of us get back to our post-holiday routines, our crackpot of a president has returned to Twitter with some truly frightening rhetoric. Over the last 24 hours Trump tweeted 16 times about a variety of topics including North Korea, Hillary Clinton, The New York Times, DACA and a whole lot more. The material for today’s show was pulled from 8 of the most insane tweets. God help us. Thank you to those currently supporting the podcast: Platinum: Bill Mucci, Josh DeYoung Premium: Danielle Marie, Tony Ferdyn, Takeshi Kusuda Please consider supporting the show through Patreon. Connect with me on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Please leave a review for the show on iTunes! The post 274: 24 Hours of Tweets from a Madman appeared first on American Cliché.
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