28 minutes | Oct 25th 2017

272: Something’s Fishy

It’s week number two in the Trump-free zone here at American Cliché and I can feel my blood pressure settling down a bit. That’s not to say he hasn’t done things that infuriate me over the last few days, but I refuse to let his distractions dominate the things I talk about in the 30 or so minutes I spend with you each week. With that said, here’s what I’ve tee’d up for you: Puerto Rico awards $300 million contract to a company with two full-time employees NYC mayoral candidate shocked that his jet hijacking attempt not a bigger issue Amazon announce plans to delivers packages inside your home Montreal man ticketed for singing in his car Thank you to those currently supporting the podcast: One-Time Donation: Donna Murphy ($100) Platinum: Bill Mucci Premium: Danielle Marie, Tony Ferdyn, Takeshi Kusuda Please consider supporting the show through Patreon. Connect with me on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Please leave a review for the show on iTunes! The post 272: Something’s Fishy appeared first on American Cliché.
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