26 minutes | Oct 18th 2017

271: Times are Changing

This week is a Donald Trump-free show. I know, it seems like an impossible feat, but I knew it was important to my mental stability to try and clear him from head – if only for a little while. Instead, I took this week to candidly talk about some big changes in my life and also how the Harvey Weinstein scandal has bubbled up some serious truths in our society. I thought the title was apropos to the episode as a whole. Thank you to those currently supporting the podcast through monthly pledges: Platinum: Bill Mucci Premium: Danielle Marie, Tony Ferdyn, Takeshi Kusuda Please consider supporting the show through Patreon. Connect with me on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Please leave a review for the show on iTunes! The post 271: Times are Changing appeared first on American Cliché.
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