41 minutes | Aug 30th 2017

266: Dear Mr. President

It’s always hard to find the right balance of politics and humor during a tragedy. What we’re witnessing in Texas has been heartbreaking and, as I type this, it’s not even close to being over. My thoughts are with those affected by Harvey (and its aftermath) and I’m hopeful that things will improve exponentially in the coming days so that those affected can start to rebuild their lives. This week on the show: Trump screws up being Presidential, again The media’s fascination with disaster porn Wisconsin man battles nail gun – I’d call it a draw What does Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio mean for the Russia investigation? P!nk elevates an otherwise lackluster VMAs Donate to the victims of Harvey through Direct Relief Connect with me on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Please leave a review for the show on iTunes! The post 266: Dear Mr. President appeared first on American Cliché.
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