29 minutes | Jan 9th 2020

Understanding “The Proofs of God” from St.Thomas Aquinas (Part 2)

Understanding “The Proofs of God” from St.Thomas Aquinas (Part 2) Summa Theologica in Italian, written from 1265 thru 1274. Summa Theologica details the Christian faith to those beginning their journey in Theology. The book covers a wide range of topics including the existence of God, on the nature of faith and reason, morality, and the natural law. (Public Domain) In the last episode on Thomas Aquinas’ Proofs of God written in his book Summa Theologica, Eric Bess detailed the first three proofs, that of:

ONE: “God must be the first cause of the movement of things,”

TWO: “God is the efficient cause of objects. Objects cannot create themselves out of anything but must spring from somewhere. This somewhere must be able to produce itself out of itself. This is God.”

And THREE: “Objects exist that are perishable. But if everything were perishable, nothing would exist. Something must exist that is not perishable that maintains existence as such. This non-perishable something is God.”

Here is Eric Bess is to discuss proofs four and five, which are:

FOUR: “We have the faculty to judge in terms of more or less, of the best and the worst. This ability to judge suggests the existence of the perfect which is God.”


FIVE: Things occur in an ordered way. Things that lack intelligence still act in an ordered way. God must be the cause of this order.

Photo Courtesy of Eric Bess


Eric Bess is a practicing representational artist. He is currently a doctoral student at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts and he also writes on art, culture, and philosophy.