69 minutes | Oct 23, 2016

Kevin Cochran - Ambit Energy's Ambitious 50 - Episode 43

Brought to you by Audible - Get a FREE Audio Book: http://goo.gl/wKPK4J In this episode of Ambit Energy's Ambitious 50, we interviewed Fast Track RC, Fast Track SC, and Fast Track Executive Consultant & Million Dollar Income Earner, Kevin Cochran. Golden Nuggets: You are not my boss 3 P’s 2 R’s You don’t know what you don’t know I’m a kid again Love them alone One day close to taking the rest of your life off How long have they been taking advantage of me? GET THEM PAID! "If you cannot believe,” says EC Kevin Cochran about Ambit Energy’s service, “then you will not achieve success in this business.” Kevin’s voice is steamrolling through the phone line, energized by his excitement and passion for the Ambit Opportunity. He’s talking about what it takes to achieve success. “When you joined this business, you didn’t pay to save money on your electric bill. You joined the business to make money!” He’s just getting warmed up. “Ambit says, to get your first bonus check, enroll four customers in 28 days. I say four in 24 hours! I’m going to help new Consultants do this. Get them their first check. Get the check in their hands. Get them excited. Excitement creates momentum. When they get that first check in their hand - and it’s Chase Bank, not some bank you never heard of - the checks cash!” Other sponsors: Grasshopper - The Entrepreneur's Phone System http://grasshopper.com/ambitiousradio 99designs - Logo Designs - http://goo.gl/3iOab4 Subscribe for text updates by texting the word AMBIT to 69922 *text rates apply see website for more details. Subscribe | Rate | Review
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