74 minutes | Nov 13, 2016

Chris and Debbie Atkinson - Ambit Energy's Ambitious 50 - Episode 46

Brought to you by Audible - Get a FREE Audio Book: http://goo.gl/wKPK4J In this episode of Ambit Energy's Ambitious 50, we interviewed Top Number 5 Income Earners, Chris and Debbie Atkinson. Golden Nuggets: Drop a Saturday Shift Who's group are you in? Crazy Goal 1000 Ft Hill I didn't do enough work to earn 3K Smoke break Pioneers have good luck / bad luck 300 Million - Houston Texans Not being 40 and living at home What if Chris Chambless. . . I'm a customer and consultant MAGNET! Debbie Roy Atkinson was working two jobs, 60 hours a week as a Registered Nurse in a hospital emergency room. Her life changed forever when Chris Atkinson called to show her the Ambit Opportunity. Debbie recalls, "I told Christ I had no time to do this, but he wouldn't take no for an answer." Chris and Debbie Atkinson married shortly after they met in 2006. Since then they have launched and maintained one of the nation's most thriving and success-driven training centers in the Houston area. Other sponsors: Grasshopper - The Entrepreneur's Phone System http://grasshopper.com/ambitiousradio 99designs - Logo Designs - http://goo.gl/3iOab4 Subscribe for text updates by texting the word AMBIT to 69922 *text rates apply see website for more details. Subscribe | Rate | Review
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