27 minutes | Apr 27, 2019

Is it right to gender blame due to breakups?

In this episode, I'm expressing my perspectives on how some people gender blame when it comes to relationships, and using examples. When it comes to Memes, online discussions, and even among friends at an outing, We're used to hearing a lot of men saying, "women are all...." fill in the blank... and women say, "All men ain't S%@%", and it's usually over 1 terrible experiences, possibly more. I'm attempted to break that barrier down by announcing that gender blaming is bad, and at times even toxic... and at the same time, we need to open our eyes a little cause there are three cases. One, a person definitely do wrong, but blame the individual, and not their sex. Two, maybe there's wasn't compatibility. Three, maybe the issue wasn't the person you was with. Sometimes we don't reflect, and we could be the issue. Sometimes, we're just biased. I want to spread this message because gender blaming is ultimately toxic, and it can lower the potential of us finding happiness when it comes to companionship.... cause no one wants a negative nancy.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pointsofperspective/message
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