36 minutes | Feb 13, 2021

Self-Care During a Global Pandemic ft Brittany Dunkley

Today we have a conversation with our wonderful guest, Brittany Dunkley, around mental health and self care during a global pandemic, specifically from the lens of children of immigrants/first generation Americans. We felt it very fitting to have this conversation at this time as we have personally been experiencing a lot of stress around the current circumstances and have struggled ourselves to maintain our individual self care routines. We hope you enjoy this conversation!    Love, Sam + Maki   Follow Brittany: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/black.moon.scape/?hl=en Twitter - https://twitter.com/golden_aster   Follow us online: Twitter - https://twitter.com/amiwholeyetpod Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/amiwholeyetpodcast/ Email Us - amiwholeyetpodcast@gmail.com
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