51 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

EP26 - Crushing Goals! The Future Starts Today, Not Tomorrow w/ Stephen J. Caruso

Alto by Libertas is inspired by the Italian phrase "Verso l'alto", which means "to the heights" and is inspired by the heroic life of Pier Giorgio Frassati. Listen to raw and authentic conversations on Faith, Culture, Fitness and Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship that will help us pursue "the heights" together! Stephen J. Caruso is a Catholic digital marketing strategist and Air Force photojournalist. He and his wife, Nicole, have three children and live in Washington, D.C. His mission is to inspire Catholic young professionals to discover, invest in and share their unique talents with the world. He draws on his wide experiences in the business world, the military and as an international missionary, speaking and writing on the topic of Catholic personal development. He believes that our strengths and talents are tools God gives us to become saints, but we need to design a lifestyle that helps us fully leverage them. As a former CrossFit Level I coach, he is also very passionate about healthy living and believes maintaining high energy is a secret to his success. He follows a keto diet, drinks copious amounts of Bulletproof coffee and sneaks in the occasional CrossFit WOD when he’s not holding a baby. Key Talking Points: How do we define goals in a useful framework? Why do humans NEED goals? How do you break down goals into actionable steps? Is there a spiritual side to goal setting that Christians should focus on? Find out more about 10x Your Talents and stay tuned for his upcoming blog launch at https://mailchi.mp/5c8cee0884f8/10xyourtalents Follow him on Instagram @stephenjcaruso Read his recent article Staying Healthy, Aiming High Despite Coronavirus   Learn more about Libertas and shop our Faith-inspired adventure merch at www.libertasalive.com. Use code alto10 for 10% OFF at checkout! Please rate, review and share! Dope Music: Dream Catcher by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4650-dream-catcher License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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